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Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition is the main program in Jember Ketuts Art Gallery. This activity is held every year with a variety of themes. This exhibition can be attended by the general public

Procedure for submitting a Temporary Exhibition at Jember Ketuts Art Gallery

Concerning the Organization of Temporary Exhibitions at the Jember Ketuts Art Gallery

Proposals for temporary exhibitions application through the curation process by the gallery management team. The exhibition dates mentioned in the proposal may be subject to change if there are schedulling conflicts. The gallery will inform the applicant and work towards reaching a new mutually agreed-upon schedule

The exhibition at the Ketuts Jember Gallery is intended for education, appreciation, recreation, development and fostering arts and culture

Activities at Jember Ketuts Art Gallery must be free from elements of SARA (Suku, Agama, Ras, Antargolongan – Ethinicity, Religion, Race, Inter-group), practical political interests, and any form of forbidden ideologies

The results of the selection of temporary proposals will be communicated to the applicants through an official letter sent via email by the management of Jember Ketut’s Art Gallery

Exhibition applicants are allowed to seek sponsors

The rental fee for Jember Ketuts Art Gallery is Rp.500,000 without electricity and water charges. Meanwhile Rp.1,000,000 includes electricity and water facilities with a duration of 7 days

Flow of Proposal Submission

Applicants send proposals via electronic mail (email/email) to

The applicant awaits confirmation of the selection from the management team of Jember Ketuts Art Gallery, while continuously monitoring their Gmail account

If the proposal is accepted, please carry out the stages of paying the rent to the account number 2000-650-296 in the name of Made Dianasari A (BCA)

If you have already made the payment, please confirm to the telephone number or WhatsApp 082233716357 (Embang) or 089513532888 (Keke)

Please prepare your artwork for exhibition and ensure it aligns with the proposed dates

Documentation of Activity

art exhibition

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