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History Jember Ketuts Art Gallery

Mr Ketuts

Jember Ketuts Art Gallery was established in 2006, initially named Pendopo Ki Janur Arif by the late Mr. I Ketut Sugama Fatuba Lil Ghurabah, effectionately known as “Pak Ketut”. Born on November 22, 1945, and passed away in 2019, Mr. Ketut was a prominent painter in Jember, known for his knife – painted artworks primarily focused on nature themes. Throughout his life, he dedicated himself to painting, traveling around indonesia for preaching, writing book, and being an advocate for children, particularly in the field of art. In a place he named Pendopo Ki Janur Arief, he continued his activities in painting, preaching, sharing knowledge through art workshop, launching artworks, and engaging in social work for the local community. However, after his passing, the activities at Pendopo declined. On August 6, 2022, Pendopo Ki Janur Arif regained its artistic activities with a new concept as an educational tourist destination, featuring an exhibition showcasing various artworks,    especially those created by Pak Ketut, as well as notable paintings by renowned artists from Jember. The place was subsequently renamed Jember Ketuts Art Gallery. Moreover, Jember Ketuts Art Gallery consistenlty provides a variety of art workshop suitable for all ages.

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Jember Ketuts Art Gallery


Jl. Letjend Suprapto, Lingkungan Sumberdand, Kebonsari, Kec. Sumbersari, Kabupaten Jember, Jawa Timur 68122

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